Sometimes A Heart Can Break and Rejoice All at the Same Time

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Yesterday was an exceptionally good day. I went to bed last night and my heart was full of joy. I was thankful for the heavenly breadcrumbs I spotted throughout the day. These breadcrumbs are manna for my soul…beautiful confirmations that He is faithful to His promise.

I AM goes before me.
I AM walks beside me.
I AM will be my joy.
I AM will be my strength.

One of my jobs at the church I work at is to oversee and help to improve our host teams. We have been focusing on the importance of reminding people of having a mindset of a host rather than a guest. Hosts are welcoming and find ways to treat others like VIPs. Hosts are quick to serve and accommodate. Hosts are always looking for ways to make the guests feel included, accepted, and seen. Yesterday, my boss said something that put into words an idea that has been on my heart.

The people are more important than tasks.

So, I know that might seem obvious but, really, it’s easy to forget that truth.  People are more important than tasks. When we are given a “job” sometimes we get so fixated on our job that we forget that, maybe, there are times God is asking us to step away from our job and to simply be there for another human being.  It’s easier and (certainly less messy) to focus on tasks and sometimes we are tempted to stay in our task comfort zone.


Yesterday afternoon I was helping my coworker, Jessica, restock our church seat pews with pens and connect cards.  The worship band was on the stage rehearing for the service that evening and joy swept over my heart.  One of the songs being rehearsed was that song…the one that has followed me all the way from North Carolina.  That song has a way of playing at pivotal moments in my story and it prompts me to be grateful for “all that He’s done for me.” I was restocking pens and connect cards. I was performing a task some might find boring and ordinary and yet, that moment was a holy moment for me.  It was a moment when hope whispered sweet reminders of His redeeming love into the ears of my heart.

Lord, never in my wildest dreams, did I ever imagine this being a chapter in my story.


Last night at church, I sat among a group of folks who looked like they’d had a rough life.  Some folks become experts at hiding their rough and broken parts…and then other folks wear the broken like a heavy winter coat. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Every few moments  my highly sensitive nose got a subtle whiff of urine.  And, every time this happened, my heart would break and be filled with hope all at the same time.

I ached for every person who has ever felt like they were at the end their rope. I ached for every person who has ever felt like there was no way out.  And yet, as I stood there and sung that song again, I was filled with hope and thankfulness.  Hope… because no one is beyond the reach of the Giver of Hope. Thankfulness… because I was grateful to be standing among people from all walks of life.  I was grateful that that phrase isn’t just words said from the stage during our service but truth sitting in the pews.

Thank you, Jesus!

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