A Feeling of Belonging

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I am on the Greeter Team at my church. We have greeters who welcome attendees at the doors and hand out the Sunday programs. We also have greeters who walk around inside the church and welcome people randomly before the service starts. Of the two main greeter jobs, I prefer doing the job of walking around and seeking out people to welcome.

That last sentence I just wrote almost makes me laugh. I love how God works. He takes our weaknesses and uses them for His glory.

If you only knew how petrified I was of people as a child, teenager and young adult. I still remember the fear of walking into Sunday school class as a child. I hated meeting new people. I hated being the new person. I was so shy. I remember the day my Sunday school teacher asked me to place a biblical character on the felt board at the front of the classroom. I can still see my shaking, nervous hand reaching out toward that board.

Did I mention that, today, I am on the greeter team at church? And, I love being a part of this team. I love meeting newcomers and helping them feel welcomed. I have a heart for making people feel comfortable, included and accepted.

My grace is enough; it’s all you need.
My strength comes into its own in your weakness.
(2 Corinthians 12:10 Message)


13 thoughts on “A Feeling of Belonging

  1. Hilary

    I love how you tell the story about changing from a shy girl in Sunday School to the greeter at church. I am sure you make all of those newcomers feel especially welcomed, and yes, He uses all things for His glory. Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. andrew

    I love this Eileen! I concur, actually! I was a very shy kid and was not comfortable around groups of people, especially! AND downright petrified of speaking in front of people! Absolutely amazing how God works and changes and molds – and how much glory it brings to Him to use unlikely people!

  3. The Wild Optimist

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting:) I enjoyed your post! It is a bit ironic, because my first thought on the theme was to write about how important that greeter at the door is to me! I am glad you are there, just so you know. . .
    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Eileen

    Hilary, thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. 🙂

    Andrew, His ability to change us never ceases to amaze me!

    Wild Optimist, You sound like a "cup is half full kind of person" I like that. 😉 Thanks for coming over and for the comment!

  5. Kandi


    I am a shy girl myself, a complete introvert, I always thought it would be fun to be greeter at church but I always thought I didn't have the peronality to do it. I may be giving it shot next weekend.

    Blessings to you Eileen.

  6. aseedinspired.com

    i bet you are a great welcomer… your experience as a child is the perfect spirit to make you empathise with being new somewhere.

  7. Lisa

    I don't know what it is about today, but every blog I have been reading has been hitting me right between the eyes. What really spoke to me about your post was the fact that God takes our weaknesses and uses them for His glory. I used to be like the old you too. I was shy and didn't want any attention focused on me. Now I am a worship leader and pastor's wife. Craziness, but all God! Many blessings, Eileen!

  8. Eileen

    Kandi, you should definitely try it. It's very rewarding!

    Tee and Lisa, I've seen God do this so often in people's lives. I guess it just reminds us that it is not about us…but all about Him!

  9. Jenifer

    Eileen, this is so me. I am a very shy, quiet, scared little girl. I become a nervous wreck when I think about talking to people. Okay, so on the computer is easy. 🙂 But in person, I am that scared little girl. But over the past three or so years, God has been calling me out. Taking me out of my comfort zone. Making me a little (teeny tiny) bit bolder for Him. Where I used to hide in church as to not see people, now I can more comfortably seek them out, even those I have never seen before. After all, it is all about Him, not me!

  10. Jen

    Yes! I, too, am one that marvels about how God uses everything — including our weaknesses to go out and do His work.

    And…are you going to do the writers or speakers track at She Speaks. We so need to find each other! Who are you rooming with? You can email me at jenfergie2000@me.com if you have a chance.

  11. LeeBird

    Hey friend! Your kindness make me feel welcome. I'm glad God helped you come out of your shell because you are such a blessing, and I know you are blessed by the many connections you make now that you have the courage to reach out.


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