A Job Well Done

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What we do is not nearly as important as how we do it.

This is the reminder I’ve been hearing over and over during the past several days. I heard it at church on Thursday night. I heard it echoed again in the following exchange I had with my son, Sean, after we interacted with a man who was just “doing his job” selling concessions at the movie theater on Saturday afternoon.

Sean: He was really nice.
Me: Yes he was.
Sean: I like that.
Me: What do you like?
Sean: I like when people don’t just treat a job like a job…even when it may not be considered the best job in the world.

This exchange made me smile. Not just because of the truth he expressed, but also because it was confirmation to my mom heart that he had indeed listened to the message at church earlier that week…he had listened and was now taking into consideration how people can choose to do their jobs.

And, last night, the same message was reaffirmed while attending a memorial service for a gentleman I didn’t know very well. I heard story after story after story of how this man touched the lives of everyone who crossed his path. “Mark never met a stranger” his family and friends repeated over and over. He invested in all the lives around him. He seized opportunities to engage with people. And for that, he will be remembered as someone who loved well.

He loved well.

It’s interesting to me how it’s so easy for us to get off track and make the point of our lives about something else entirely. We strive for a better or more prestigious job, for more money, a nicer car, and a bigger house. And yet, that’s not what the people we leave behind talk about when we’re gone.

Instead, they remember and cherish all those moments when you made time for them, how you looked into their eyes and genuinely listened to them or how significant you made them feel. They remember all those times that your actions and your presence shouted again and again, you matter to me!

What we do is not nearly as important as how we do it.

As this new work/school week gets underway, I want to remember that doing my job well, first and foremost, means loving others well.

3 thoughts on “A Job Well Done

  1. Sarah

    Love this !! As I read this I was so reminded of my dad. When he passed away as I stood at his casket, one by one, every comment me reminded that my father new what mattered. He loved unconditionally. Material things never mattered to him, just people. He loved the Lord.


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