A Safe Place to Scream

A safe place to scream. This idea has been rolling around my heart and head for a couple of days. It’s similar to a safe place to share but on a deeper level, a more vulnerable and even more transparent level. I thought about this because  1. I recently read a great article about taking our anger to God.  2. Any time I read a Psalm where David expresses anger and hate, I’m struck by how many different emotions I have as I read his words.

On one level, I’m uncomfortable. His words are full of hatred; he admits that he wants no grace or mercy shown to his accusers. He just wants them to “get what they deserve.”  Yet, at the same exact time I feel discomfort, I also feel a sense of comfort and encouragement. Psalms like Psalm 109, 137, and 58 reveal to us that anger (and all the human reactions that go along with being angry about injustices or evil we’ve observed or have personally experienced) is normal and even permissible.

Yet, anytime I read Psalms like these, I can’t help but think about how David may have been received today if he were to express this level of transparency in his weekly small group. Can you imagine?  Basically, his heart was crying out…”I want my enemies to die. I want them to suffer.” Would he have been received with love and acceptance after sharing this level of vulnerability in his small group in this day and age?  Oh, I want to believe so…but I’m not so sure.

I’ve been a part of plenty of supportive, vulnerable, and beautiful groups over the years but it’s been rare for me to see a group consistently hit this level of vulnerability and “safe”. I think back on my days being part of recovery meetings like AA and CR.  I found it most often and most frequently in those spaces. I guess that’s to be expected when every single week you are there to address and heal from hurts, habits, and hangups.

I share all this to simply say: I’m so thankful for the foot of the cross. I’m thankful that there TRULY IS a consistently safe place to take our anger, a safe place to scream. I’m thankful that David modeled this so well for us too. At the foot of the cross, we can kick, scream, and confess the cries in our hearts/souls and, when we are done, Jesus’ love for us and His desire to be with us has not diminished in the least!  And it’s because of His grace-filled reaction towards us and His relentless desire to walk with us even through seasons of anger…that we can’t help but fall deeper in love with Him.

One thought on “A Safe Place to Scream

  1. Norma Kreis

    Thank you for sharing this article. It was very moving to me and showed me how to and why I should take my anger to God. Pouring all that venom festering in me at His feet eases the pain and clears my spirit. He can handle it and He still loves me and heals me! Thank you, Jesus, for giving us a place to scream!


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