Adventure Time

Mirabell gardensDeposit Photos

Tomorrow is the start of a two-week adventure.  My husband, son and I are headed to Europe.  We will be taking in some new sights and experiences in Germany, Austria, and Italy.  One of my husband’s bucket list goals is to visit Germany and, well, I’m kind of excited to tag along.

I’m also eager to see Salzburg, Austria.  The picture above is the fountain in the famous Mirabell Gardens.  All you Sound of Music fans will recognize it immediately. You might even be having a terrible time resisting the urge to get off your couch and belt out a few verses of Do-Re-Mi…I know I am.  🙂

I hope to have some beautiful moments to share with you all when I return.  And, who knows, I might even find some time to update you while sipping a cappuccino and staring at the Alps.

Auf Wiedersehen  (This is me attempting to speak German…I’m discovering it’s a little different than Spanish.)

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