It’s Friday AGAIN! Time for another link-up with Lisa Jo. Friday is a time when we “write for five minutes not worrying if everything is just right.”
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Prompt: AGAIN


This word has a way of evoking emotions from both ends of the spectrum.

I’ve used it when I was frustrated. I’ve used it in midst of monotonous activities. I’ve used it when I was hopeful.

My computer froze up. I’ve lost all my progress. I have to do the work again.
I’ve told you over and over, why must I tell you again.

I have to go to Walmart again.
I have to do laundry again.

I can’t wait to get home and hug my family again.
Lord, you’ve helped me through this before…I know You can do it again.

Today, I want to see the word purely in a positive light.

I woke up again today. I get to sit down at my computer with my cup of yummy coffee and write again this morning. I get to teach and interact with my son again today. I have a car that runs and I can use it to drive to Walmart again. I have money to buy food at Walmart again. My family has clothes to wear and I get to wash them again.

Today, I want to recognize the blessing.
Today, I want to see the privilege.

And, guess what, if I don’t do it “perfectly” today, God assures me that His mercies are new and available for me every single morning.

Thank you, Lord, for reaching out to us again and again and again.

9 thoughts on “Again

  1. Rebecca

    Again – yes, we can place it in the negative or the positive. The human mind more prone to the first, rather than the latter. I have to giggle a little and say that I love your picture – it’s beautiful….and I, too used the picture of the ocean. Yours captures my thoughts more…it’s beautiful, as are your thoughts and your desires to grab the positive and leave the negative! Again….

  2. Marissa

    Life is so full of things we have to do again, and that we long to do again. The assurance that our God is there through it all, is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kristin Smith

    Yes – you have nailed it here – “And, guess what, if I don’t do it “perfectly” today, God assures me that His mercies are new and available for me every single morning.”

  4. Mia

    Hi Eileen
    Yes, those small monotonous things that comes around everyday again and again is where we usually find the greatest gifts. Yes, we are blessed when we see all the small blessings everyday! Happy to visit from FMF!
    Much love XX

  5. Laurie Wallin (@mylivingpower)

    What a great take on that word! And especially the way you focused on what you “get to” do again… wake up, have your yummy coffee (what flavor is your favorite? Mine’s peppermint mocha :). That we get to do anything again is just… grace. Grace to try, to breathe, to have dishes to do and laundry to fold instead of being hungry and naked on the streets. Thanks for this great shift.


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