Are You Afraid Of The Dark? A Guest Post

Today I am excited to have Arny Sanchez sharing with us on The Scenic Route. Arny is a husband, a father, a songwriter, and a blogger. I discovered Arny’s blog, The Analogous Truth, several months ago and have been following ever since. Arny is passionate about sharing the lessons he is learning and discovering “the analogy between everyday life and Christ.” After reading Arny’s thoughts here, I hope you will hop over to his blog and introduce yourselves!

I laid down on my couch the other night cause I was so frustrated with my son.
It was like the millionth time he had called me from his bed that night.

“I hee somting…”

“I don’t hear anything baby. What’s a matter? Go back to sleep”

“I wa yu do”

I know you want me baby but you have to go to sleep now, ok?” Go to sleep”…(my voice sounding so annoyed…)
As I walked back to my bed…30 minutes later, I hear my son crying…

I get so frustrated (had to get up really early for work that morning) that I go over to get him out of his bed and tell him to go to mommy and daddy’s bed fending for himself in the dark
He is hesitant to leave his room…I walk him over to our bed and lay him down.

I storm out and go to my couch in the living room.
As I lay down…I could hear God’s conviction start moving in my heart with these simple harsh words…

“Aren’t you glad I’m not like you?”
“Aren’t you glad I don’t react the same way when you are scared of the dark?”

My heart broke.
I’m sorry, Lord.
I’m sorry.

I went back and gave my son a gentle kiss on the forehead…
As I laid back down…he wrapped his arm around my shoulder…
And I fell asleep fast.

Even when I walk
through the darkest valley,
I will not be afraid,
for you are close beside me.
Your rod and your staff
protect and comfort me. -psalm 23

Thank you, Arny, for sharing these words of encouragement with us today!

20 thoughts on “Are You Afraid Of The Dark? A Guest Post

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    1. Eileen Post author

      Thanks again, Arny! I love how God spoke to your heart in this moment. I’ve been there too. We can become so insensitive to our kids sometimes…especially when we are exhausted. So thankful that God is never too tired to comfort us and teach us!

  2. arny

    I love that…i love to hear…I’ve been there too…so awesome to know that you are not the only one…

    Thanks Jim! Praise His Light!

    1. arny

      Thanks Jon,
      I keep praying for God to show me these things before i get frustrated..but hey, we are human…
      the good thing is that his conviction is steadfast!

  3. Thomas Mason

    That’s a beautiful story! I can relate because I too get annoyed and do and say things to my daughter that I shouldn’t. But the wonderful thing is…every time I mess up she forgives me and still loves me. God loves us so much as his children. What a gracious example he’s given us of a perfect parent-child relationship.

  4. LarryTheDeuce

    When I was 4 or 5, my parents let me stay up to watch a Dracula movie. When I saw the reflection of his head in the sliding glass door I knew that he was trying to get me. I slept with the bathroom light on for 2 years. We all need the Light in the dark, don’t we? Thanks to Arny and Eileen for this today.

    1. arny

      We do Larry!…and watch were ya thinkin! Dracula! lol…

      my little girl was scared of Wizard of oz.

      but yes…we do all need the light…

      we can get ourselves in some pretty dark places if we allow ourselves…

      Thank you Jesus for the light!

  5. Jenifer

    Um…ouch. How many times am I harsh with my kids like this…too many to count. How often is my Father harsh with me…never. Thank you for this very convicting yet encouraging post!

  6. Lisa

    Oh, wow! I’m so very glad that God does react to me the way I often react to others. Thanks for sharing with us Eileen and Arny. Many blessings to you both!


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