Are You Being Chased By Cannibals?

While driving into town yesterday, my son shared with me, out of the blue, an encounter he had with another little boy in the park.  Apparently, the conversation took place quite some time ago. He was just getting around to telling me now.

“Mom, I once played with this boy in the park who said he had been to the moon.”

“Really?”  I said.

“Yeah, and then the boy told me that, while he was there, he had seen alien tracks and had been chased by cannibals!”

“Wow” I said. “Sounds like that boy had quite an imagination.”

“Yeah, Mom…but those are not the kind of things you share in public.”

My son’s last comment made me think of how often we edit and change our stories in public.  We are afraid of how others might perceive us.

We don’t want to be seen as the crazy person being chased by cannibals!

So we edit, we change, and we tweak.  And, sometimes, I think we edit and change and tweak so much that we no longer resemble us.

I used to feel the need to do these revisions all the time too. I didn’t like who I was behind closed doors so I played a part. I became an actor in my own life.

I don’t want them to see the crazy person being chased by cannibals.
I must not say that…what will they think of me if I do?

One of things I love about getting older is that I am becoming more and more like that little boy my son spoke to in the park.   I don’t feel the pressure to edit and tweak myself just so I look more normal...whatever normal is.

Plus, life is much more thrilling when we go to the moon, see alien tracks, and outrun cannibals.  😉

9 thoughts on “Are You Being Chased By Cannibals?

  1. Heidi

    So true, Eileen! I’m learning there’s way more freedom in just being who I am and not worrying about what everybody thinks about it. I’m a slow learner… mind you, but I’m finally beginning to get it. Great post!

  2. Denise Dilley

    What a great reminder that we just need to relax, be ourselves, and not care what the rest of the world thinks! Truly, God created each of us with unique identities, and for good reason. Who are we to think we need to edit & tweak who were are and what we’ve been through in life?

  3. LarryTheDeuce

    I heard a man who was around 75 to 80 say one time that he was glad to be old becuase he could say everything he wanted to say and people would just laught and say he was a crazy old man. Let’s be “crazy, old men” now before we get old.


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