Are You Living a Leaky Life? Credit: Dreamstime

Generally speaking it is better to stop the leak than keep bailing water.- Henry Cloud

The other day I noticed some water on our kitchen floor.  I didn’t think much about it.  A few spots of water on the floor is not unusual in the kitchen.   It wasn’t until I walked out into our kitchen in the middle of the night and water was on the floor again that I became concerned.  Why is there water on the floor at 2:00am?  No one has been in the kitchen for hours.  

I flipped on the light and discovered every time I stepped on one portion of laminate flooring, water was oozing out around the cracks.  Yikes, this can’t be good!   I checked underneath the kitchen sink and every thing was dry.  The only explanation could be that there must be some sort of hidden leak under our dishwasher.

My husband took the bottom panel off the dishwasher yesterday and, sure enough, we found the source of our water dilemma.  We’ve slid a Tupperware bowl under the drips until the repairman we called arrives later today to fix the problem.

I had to smile when I read Dr Cloud’s quote on Twitter the same day we discovered our dishwasher leak.  This morning when I woke up and emptied the water out of our temporary fix I realized that in less than 8 hours the small bowl had reached maximum capacity and wasn’t able to catch anymore of the drips.   Water had begun to escape over the rim and soak the floor again.

Generally speaking it is better to stop the leak than keep bailing water

I thought about this quote and how unaddressed problems in our life work the same way.  There is always a breaking point to a temporary fix. Hence the word temporary. There is always a point when even hidden issues begin to flow out over the rim.  Temporary solutions are not meant to sustain or to solve our problems.   And yet, how many times in life do we try to fix our problems with these kind of solutions.  They never work.  In fact, we often expend more time and energy trying to manage and maintain the messes they end up causing in our lives.

Years ago, when I was learning how to live my life without a drink, it was like learning how to address and acknowledge all the leaks in my life.  No longer could I use temporary fixes as long-term solutions to hold all of my mess.  Because here’s the deal:

The healing and restoration we seek can only be attained when we stop trying to manage or hide all the spills in our life and begin addressing the source of the mess.

In what area of your life are you continuing to bail water when you really should be addressing the leaks?  

6 thoughts on “Are You Living a Leaky Life?

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    As you have stated Eileen, I found out that hiding or trying to bury the leaks only makes things worse. Even if some things never come to the light of day, they stay and rot and make life miserable.

  2. Maria I. Morgan

    Great post Eileen! It can be a much more ‘painful’ process fixing the leaks rather than bailing the water, but in the long run – so worth it!! Thanks for this visual reminder! God bless~

    1. Eileen Post author

      Very true, Maria. The process might be painful and the hardest/most courageous thing we ever do…but so worth!

  3. David Rupert

    my brother had a leaky sink that drip-drip-dripped down his basement wall. Ended up costing him thousands. I’m all about maintenance to save me time and money. Goes for my thought life too


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