baby steps

Not too long ago, while unloading our dishwasher, my husband asked me a question.

Do you think it is time we get rid of all the plastic baby dishes?


What kind of question is that? It had never crossed my mind.

Get rid of the plastic plates and bowls.

Our son is only seven years old. He is only 55lbs and he is only 13 inches shorter than I am. So, I am not sure what prompted my husband’s question. I am thinking I still have a few more years before my son will be able to look me eye to eye and inform me that none of his junior high friends eat from plastic plates.

As I write this post, the dishwasher is running. In a short time, I will be unloading it…and placing my son’s Winnie The Pooh Bear plate and dump truck plate in a box to go in the attic. I can’t get rid of them quite yet.

This mommy needs to take a few baby steps first.

One thought on “baby steps

  1. Jenifer

    Oh I am right there with you. My oldest is almost 13 but my youngest is only 7. I have a TON of those plastic character plates. As a matter of fact I have the ones you pictured. 🙂 I have recently started to get rid of some to my niece and nephews but still hold on to a few. Letting them group up is so hard to do. And like you, getting rid of those plastic dishes is a big step for me.


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