Background Beauty

It was at least 30 minutes after jumping out of bed this morning before realizing it was playing over and over on repeat. My mind was going a dozen different directions and drowning out the beauty. I sat down on my couch and, for a split second, I could hear it playing. Suddenly it broke through all the other noise.

“What is that song, Lord?”

I listened and little by little it came back to me.

“So come and empty me
So that it’s you I breathe
I want my life to be
Only Christ in me
So I will fix my eyes
‘Cause you’re my source of life
I need the world to see
That it’s Christ in me
That it’s Christ in me”

I’ve noticed there’s beauty playing in the background of each new day. But, sometimes, lots of times, I’m too busy to hear it or notice it. Life and tasks I think need to get done will bully their way to the surface and that is all I can hear.

I love the mornings when beauty wins…when it fights for my attention, fights for my heart’s affection and pushes through all the noise.

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