Beautiful Creations

I have finally discovered a purpose for the electrical outlet on my front porch. Its main purpose is certainly not for plugging in Christmas lights since it is right by the front door and people would trip over the cord as they enter my house. Plus, I can count on one finger how many times my husband and I have actually hung outside lights.

No, I have discovered a bigger and a more important purpose for the outlet on my front porch…grinding coffee beans in the dark, in the wee hours of the morning when no one else in the house is awake!

Most mornings I can wait until my son is awake before my morning brew, but this morning I was eagerly ready for my liquid manna from heaven and my hubby and son were still sleeping peacefully.

But, I had a slight dilemma.

No ground coffee.


I remembered…

my hero out on the front porch.

Never fear!
Outdoor Outlet is here!

I filled up my grinder with my beautiful beans and quietly went outside to grind them to perfection. Grrrrrrrrr!!!

Ahhh! The first cup of coffee everyday always tastes so good! Even though I just had some yesterday, I still get somewhat giddy as I listen to my coffee machine produce this warm, flavorful goodness for me again…just 24 little hours later.

It’s a new day.
Another day to enjoy coffee!

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Creations

  1. Kelli

    Girl you are lucky to have an outlet on your front porch! I need one but its too expensive to put it in. Thanks for a great laugh this morning…I needed to smile. I love this… "I was eagerly ready for my liquid manna from heaven and my hubby and son were still sleeping peacefully." Never thought about manna being liquified but I like it and I want some!! 😉

  2. Jenifer

    Oh this made me smile! 🙂 While I am not a big coffee drinker, I know the 'desparate need' for a nice fountain pepsi. So glad you rememebered your front porch outlet!

    Sweet Blessings~

  3. frogsview

    I have an outlet on my front porch also, and guess what I plugged into it on sunday afternoon?? Yup Christmas decoration outdoor lights – lol.

    I am a smoothee person and sometimes I blend my smoothee out in a quiet place in a similar way you do the coffee…

    As far as my coffee goes – I grind my beans at Walmart…

  4. Kissed by the Creator

    LOVE LOVE this! HIlarious! I have plugged my hair dryer in and done that when babies were little. Most recently because we have no A/C used it for crockpot/Roaster etc to keep the heat OUTSIDE! 🙂

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