Bird Brain

“Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future.”

I sat on my couch this morning still half asleep sipping my coffee and those lyrics found their way into my brain. How appropriate. If “spring forward” week had a tagline that could be it.

I had also just looked at a 10 year old memory on Facebook of an interview I had done with my then 5 year old son. 10 years. Wow. Life seemed different back then but I can’t really even put my finger on how life was different.

Oh yeah…that’s right…I was younger and the time change didn’t make me as grumpy as it does today. 😉

For some reason, I looked up the lyrics of the “Fly Like an Eagle” song this morning and one section caught my eye:

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
Till I’m free
Oh, Lord, through the revolution

I think the one line I would edit (if I had any right do so) would be “let Your spirit carry me”

Heck, I know where my spirit has carried me in life and the destination felt more like a bird cage than soaring freely in the morning breeze.

After having this thought, I opened up my laptop and started a new online devotional called “Live by the Spirit” by John Piper. These verses, right out the gate, resonated with me:

“Now God has revealed these things to us by the Spirit, since the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God. For who knows a person’s thoughts, except his spirit within him? In the same way, no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. Now we have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who comes from God, so that we may understand what has been freely given to us by God. Corinthians” 2: 10-12

There really are just two choices: Trust and lean on ourselves and our own understanding or trust and lean on Him (as Proverbs 3 tells us).

And, of course, more song lyrics filled my brain again. “Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take these broken wings and learn to fly…”

…and as soon as they did, I thought about the message from this past weekend at church.

“Brokenness can lead to openness.”   So very true!

And openness can lead to broken wings that learn to fly.  

Lord, break us today.  We want to fly.  

2 thoughts on “Bird Brain

  1. Teresa Bak

    Thank you Eileen
    This is great, I know where my very broken wings and spirit flew me, and it was not good.
    God has taken me out of the ashes of my brokenness and
    Surrounded me with His Relentless Love.


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