Breadcrumbs at 30,000 Feet

10432470_10205341282196204_5538133594822428782_nSunrise Heading Back to Georgia

Yesterday as I was returning home from Arizona I finished Rick McKinley’s newest book The Answer to Our Cry. I read his book Beautiful Mess several years ago and loved it. I was delighted to discover earlier this month that he had released another book. I finished his newest one on the plane ride yesterday and can now recommend them both to you.

On my return flight yesterday, I found myself reading a portion of the book which was titled Returning Home. Don’t you love when that happens as you are reading something. I was, in real life, returning home and I was reading about returning home.

I can think of a few other occasions when this perfectly timed message has happened. Several years ago, I was sitting on a beach and watching my son stick his toes in the ocean while reading Pete Wilson’s book, Plan B. I was reading a chapter about taking the first step and getting our feet wet.

This summer I was reading The Fault in Our Stars and while I was reading about the main characters getting excited about a trip overseas to Amsterdam and their trip on the airplane, I happened to be sitting with my son and husband on a plane, crossing the ocean, and heading to Germany for the first time. Needless to say, we were a tad excited and expectant just like the characters in the book.

I love when this happens while I’m reading a book. It’s almost as if God is saying…here, let me give you a picture to go along with the words you are reading. God must really know I’m a visual learner. 🙂

Yesterday, I also read many other great and timely messages in Rick’s book. In my previous blog post, I told you all how life seems to be an ongoing lesson on how to process change in an ever-changing journey. I smiled when I read these words yesterday. “Living into the love of God is a life journey…Our lives are not going to change in ninety days. Soul formation is process oriented not production driven.” Truth. And every road we travel down, every decision we need to make to either hold on or to let go is an invitation to deepen our relationship with the God who created us.

I also read these words while leaving the desert state of Arizona. “Perhaps a desert place is not a desert place at all but a place where God is meeting me in his love.” These words? Timely for sure. They were a reminder to me that God doesn’t abandon us when we log time in the desert. In fact, sometimes, it’s those barren and hopeless looking situations when His love is felt and seen in the most beautiful and profound ways. I know this from my own journey through deserts.

And, this is my prayer today for those who are currently trying to find their way through a parched and grief -stricken land.  I pray that our Comforter and Healer will show up in the most incredible way today, that your thirsty and weary souls will be refreshed and strengthened by a love that is infinitely bigger than it all.

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