In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Gen 1:1

“Out of formlessness, form was made. Out of chaos, order. Out of emptiness, filling. Out of barrenness, fruit. Out of the abyss, a place to stand, to know and to be┬áby the power of the Spirit of God.” ~ “The Face of the Deep” by Paul Pastor

It’s meditating on ideas like this one that fill my heart with cups of cascading joy and hope.

The beauty of beginnings, the potential of stories yet to unfold, yet to be.

The unending grace and mercy of new beginnings…of fresh starts and restarts.

The sun bursting onto the scene.

The sky being painted in rejuvenating colors.

The bright beginning, taking our breath away and pouring life back in us to overflowing capacity.

Breathe Your new beginning on us and in us today, Lord.



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