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Hi Everyone! My friend, Ally, has asked for my help and for your help too. This is a portion of the email I recently received from her. Please take a moment to read it.

A while back I started partnering with an adoption agency called Reece’s Rainbow. They help with adoptions and fund raising for kids in lots of countries with Down Syndrome. I became an orphan warrior. I picked a little boy in an orphanage in Eastern Europe and have been advocating for him. I’ve been doing different things to raise money for him. A few weeks ago a family decided to adopt him! It is such an amazing thing and I’m so thrilled. I’ve really been trying to raise all the money I can for him…I am pretty much contacting everyone I know with a blog to see if they can post something about it on Monday. The total cost for his adopting is 24k. His name is Nicky and he is in a very bad situation and needs to get home quickly. I’m asking if everyone can just give $6 since he will be the sixth member of their family. Here is the link for his adoption page: Reece’s Rainbow.

As my friend Ally pointed out so wonderfully in her email to me, every little bit helps. What you do today can make a huge difference. Please click on the link above to read about Nicky and the family who desires to bring this little boy home.  If you can help, please do!  Simply click on the link directly under his picture to donate.

PS  I would like to invite you to come back tomorrow for this week’s Into the Beautiful Link-Up.  Come share something beautiful!

7 thoughts on “Can You Help?

  1. Ally

    Thanks for posting about this Eileen! If you do go to donate make sure you click on the donate tab right under Nicky’s picture. If you do the one on the side the money doesn’t go directly to him.

  2. Ken Hagerman(The Barba)

    I had a friend here in Paraguay that supported Reece’s Rainbow with a spot on her blog and regular posts. It’s a great idea. That friend was killed in an auto wreck 3 months ago and today’s post just reminded me of her and her surviving family. Thanks

  3. Kelli

    What a great organization. Thanks for sharing the link Eileen! Adoption is a hard road but it’s amazing to walk the narrow path in caring for the orphan:)

  4. Jill

    Hi, we are Nicky’s adoptive parents, and I sit here in tears just watching how God softens and motivates hearts. What can I say? We could NEVER afford to adopt him without the body. You are the church to us. THANK YOU.


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