Can you imagine?

Can you imagine believing so deeply in your convictions that all the logical and wise reasons that your mind can list for choosing exclusion are immediately tossed into the not an option pile because everyone should have access to the Savior’s love regardless of whether or not they are seen as worthy?  

Because the grace and love being extended is not fair and has nothing to do with worthiness. 

Can you imagine being willing to become so vulnerable and so inclusive that you are willing to let someone who you know will one day deeply hurt and betray you into your inner circle?

That was/is the reckless kind of love Jesus had/has for people.

While onlookers scoffed at his decisions to include outsiders, Jesus went right on doing what His Father sent Him to do.

Show them My love for them…whatever the cost, whatever the sacrifice.

He didn’t care about the crowd’s perceptions. He didn’t care if people saw him as a push over or a doormat.

He just kept on living with recklessly open arms.

2 thoughts on “Can you imagine?

  1. Becky Poston

    We need to forget that anyone might hurt us. Our arms are to be open to all people. We don’t know there story, and it isn’t ours to know. We are just to humbly trust God in His protection even when we are hurt. That hurt by someone might bring forth our best and closest relationship with God that we have ever had. He will never leave us or forsake us regardless of what man might do.


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