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Woman Seeking Tangle-Free Relationship…

I am not picky when it comes to hair cleansing products. If it comes in a large bottle (so I don’t have to buy it every couple weeks) and is inexpensive, I’ll try it. The only thing I do require after shampooing is some sort of hair conditioner product. This is a must if I have any intentions on actually combing my tangle prone hair after I get done washing it.

The other day I saw a big bottle of conditioner on sale at Walmart. My conditioner at home had gotten to the point where I needed to shake it forcefully in order to get anything out of it at all. (The next step would be to remove the lid and add a little water in order to get to the small amount of conditioner still stuck to the inside of the bottle.) I decided to purchase this new bottle of conditioner before things got desperate.

Later that evening, as I was exchanging my old bottle with this new one, I happened to look at the words written on the new container:

long term

Where do they get this stuff?

My initial thought was…how can it (the conditioner) tell if I have long or short hair? It’s crazy what techniques companies will use to try to snag customers.

I decided to turn the bottle around and read the back of it. I have to admit, I have never felt the need to read the label on the back of my shampoo and conditioner products before. They’ve always seemed pretty self-explanatory. Here’s a snippet of what the back said… “Longing for more? Let it out and indulge every inch with my velvety conditioning fuse with extracts of red raspberry & satin…You’ve got longer hair to love. And I’ve got more love to give. How long will you go without touching it?”
“use me: soak me in all the way down. my, your headstrong. rinse and repeat for good measure.”

What in the world…it’s conditioner!!!

Um…all I’m really looking for is…um… something that will help me get the tangles out of my hair.

Boy, I think Conditioner is taking this relationship a little bit too seriously.