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Daewoo Days

This morning I am very thankful for honest people. My husband and I just picked up our 2000 Daewoo Leganza from the repair shop. It’s been in the shop for weeks. I have nicknamed this car the DaWHAAT? because most people have never even heard of it. Daewoo was a Korean car company and unfortunately just about the time I was buying the car back in 2001, the company was in the process of going bankrupt. GM ended up taking over the company, but since the bankruptcy, it can sometimes be difficult to find parts for the car.

The car has absolutely no trade-in value (last time I checked a couple years ago the Blue Book value was $400.00) At this point, I think a dealer would be asking us to give them money to take it. The car probably has 160,000 miles on it now. Roger and I have just decided to keep it, because it is totally paid for. We figure the best thing to do is drive it until the wheels fall off…which based on what happened a few weeks ago, that might not be too far off. Roger was driving home from work one evening and as he rounded a corner about 5 miles from home, a rather large chunk of the car fell off into the street. For fear the car might not start again if he stopped to retrieve the part, he continued on home. Apparently, whatever it was that fell out of our car had something to do with power steering because the car was difficult to steer.

Roger drove our other car down and retrieved the part out of the road. Fortunately, he was still able to drive the car down to our mechanic. My husband handed him the part…

“This is what is wrong with our car.”

“Well, okay”

After searching the internet, Roger was able to find the part we needed and get it to our mechanic. Last night we found out the DaWHAAT? was ready to be picked up. Our mechanic was not at his desk when Roger spoke to him so he didn’t have a price to give us, but said we could pick up our car in the morning. As we drove down to the repair shop this morning, I was preparing my mind for whatever price he was going to tell us. Maybe $300. Maybe $400. We walk in the shop and he tells us what we owe him.




“118! Really??

“What…you want me to tack a 3 or 4 on the front of that?”

“NO, that’s great!”

I’m really thankful for honest people. I plan on taking my DaWHAAT? to this nice man until the wheels fall off!