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A friend of my mine updated her Facebook status the other day so that it read:

Crystal is imperfect…and that’s okay.

None of us is perfect. There is no disputing this. So why do we sometimes have such a difficult time being “okay” with imperfection? Why do we sometimes go through our lives (or chunks of our lives) in denial about this fact? Sure, when someone actually confronts us we are quick to acknowledge that…Of course, I am not perfect! But then we often go right back to living as if we have to be. We beat ourselves up when we fail, put on masks so that people hopefully don’t see our imperfections and worry about being accepted by our peers.

Eileen is imperfect …and that’s okay.

I remember when I finally started to be okay with imperfection- when I finally started living as if I believed this statement. There are days when I take a few steps(or large leaps) backwards and find myself trying to earn grace. But, thankfully, I have tasted the freedom found in admitting and living as a flawed human being. There is power and strength that comes when we admit this. And, it’s bigger than us. It’s the power and strength that can only come from a perfect Savior. When I make the choice to rest in His arms, then I know that every thing really is okay.

<>INSERT YOUR NAME HERE<> is imperfect…and that’s okay.

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