Christmas memories

Today, I recalled two memories from opposite ends of the spectrum. I thought of my favorite Christmas as a child and I also thought of my least favorite one.

My least favorite Christmas came to mind when I heard the news of Elizabeth Edward’s death. Her long battle with breast cancer ended today, just eighteen days before Christmas. When I heard the news, I immediately felt an ache inside for her children. It will be a hard Christmas for them. My mom’s battle with breast cancer ended 19 years ago and that first Christmas without her was definitely the hardest one for me.

Holidays have never been the same. Several Christmases after the death of a loved one are spent learning how to adjust without that person in the picture. It’s a difficult journey and yet, there comes a time when everyone must go through that process. Death is an unavoidable part of life. I know I will see my mom again and it’s hard to express just how much peace and comfort I have received over the years because of this assurance. The longer I live, I seem to grab hold of this hope with a little firmer grasp. I am so looking forward to that reunion!

Now, on the other end of the spectrum, rewind to three years earlier and find my favorite childhood Christmas. It was the year we had snow. Many of you know that I grew up in southern Arizona about 30 miles from the border of Mexico. Prior to that snowfall, I had never seen significant amounts of snow. The occassional dusting was all we normally ever hoped for. However, in 1988, on Christmas Eve, the snow began to fall in the Arizona desert and far exceeded our expectations. We woke up Christmas morning to six inches of snow!

A White Christmas…my first and only one to date.
It was beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Christmas memories

  1. frogsview

    Thanks for sharing those memories of your Mom, of her life and her fight against cancer.

    It was 15 years ago that my Mom went to be with the Lord, after surgery to replace the mitral valve in her heart. I too look forward to seeing her in the Lord's presence in heaven.

    I have not been to the part of Arizona you mentioned. The closest I got to there was when I lived in Albuquerque, NM as a 1st – 3rd grader. I recall the luminaries that lined roof tops, sidewalks and driveways of homes and businesses there. Bright lights, reminding me that He who came into the world is the Light of the World!

  2. Kelli

    Thanks for sharing that part of yourself-your loss. My husband is having his first everything without his dad this year who died sudddenly in May. Suffering loss is never easy but can you image suffering it without Jesus? I tell my husband how awesome it is that this year his father gets to spend Christmas with Jesus! ;))


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