Conversations That Guide Your Heart Home

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Don’t you love the gift tucked away in a simple conversation?

I’ve been feeling off all week.  I know it has a lot to do with the weather. I’ve woken up to clouds or rain for the past five mornings.  You can take the girl out of sunny Arizona but after a few days of limited sun she will feel like whining.  I think that’s how the saying goes. 😉

This morning, I knew my heart was pretty distracted because I had to reread the following devotional sentence multiple times before I could even retain a single word of it:  “Look to me continually for help, comfort, and companionship. Because I am always by your side, the briefest glance can connect you with Me.”

Unfortunately, like I said, it took multiple read throughs before I was even able to achieve the “brief glance.”  I always find it slightly ironic when I read reminders to focus and be still and yet my mind and heart are a million miles away.  You think that’s a coincidence?  No, me neither.

As we drove to school this morning my son and I talked.

“Mom, do you know what my favorite subject is in school right now?


“Writer’s Workshop”  (yeah, he just scored some mega brownie points with that answer.)

“Cool”  I responded.

“We are currently working on a Halloween type story.  The best stories are going to be read to the first graders.  So you have to make sure what you write is appropriate for them.”

“So, what’s yours about?”

“Well, I just started, but mine’s about a skeleton named Nick. Nick is sitting at his kitchen table reading the newspaper and he says to himself…’I gotta find a job.’

“So, what job does he find?” I ask.

“He’s going to try a bunch of different jobs.  He’s going to try to work in a restaurant but it’s not gonna work out.  I have an idea what job he will end up doing.”

“Oh, yeah,” I ask.  “What is it?”

“I don’t want to tell you yet.  You’ll have to wait and see.” He answered.

“What?! Come on, I want to know!”

“Nope” he answered, shaking his head.  “You’ll just have to wait.”

I smiled and we continued journeying along the road and out of our neighborhood.

“Sean,” I said, “I’m so tired of the cloudy weather.”

“Yeah, it’s cloudy. But, you know, the sky is still so pretty.” He answered.

As he commented, I realized that Busted Heart was playing on radio.

“Hold on to me (Hold on to me)
Hold on to me
Don’t let me lose my way (Don’t let me lose my way)
Hold on to me.

Broke your heart a thousand times
But you’ve never left my side
You have always been here
For me”

I looked out at the horizon and couldn’t help but agree with him.

4 thoughts on “Conversations That Guide Your Heart Home

  1. Bill (cycelguy)

    Out of the mouth of babes… We have had almost 2 weeks of seemingly endless rain. Today it is not raining and sun is trying to peek through the gray. i welcome it although I have learned I cannot complain about the weather since I can do nothing about it. Love your son’s outlook. I can’t wait to hear what job he gets. 🙂

    1. Eileen Post author

      Thanks, Bill. Any time it’s cloudy/rainy for multiple days, I want to call my brother who lives in Seattle and tell him to take his weather back 🙂

      I’ll let you know how the story turns out.


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