Delight and Direction


“Your decrees are my delight and my counselors.” Psalm 119:24

I paused to reflect on this particular verse recently.  I was intrigued by how the Psalmist described what the Lord’s decrees mean to him.  In other translations the words statutes or testimonies are used instead of decree.

So the Lord’s law, the evidence, the proof, the orders, the commands are delightful to the Psalmist and offer him direction and guidance.

Delight and Direction

As I thought more about this, I was reminded that it requires a certain posture of heart for delight and direction to co-exist.

Think about it.  How often is delight not our first reaction when we receive counsel, correction or constructive criticism? How often is delight not our first response when instructions challenge our initial way of doing or seeing something?

But here the Psalmist says: Lord, I take delight in Your instructions. 

In order to receive delight from counsel, our hearts need to be open, receptive, and teachable.

In order to receive delight from counsel, we need to be able to acknowledge that perhaps there is a better path to walk down… perhaps there is a better way to move forward.

In order to receive delight from counsel, our hearts must continually surrender their tendency to deceive us.

I think about the warning in Jeremiah. “The heart is more deceitful than anything else,
and incurable—who can understand it?”

Lord, keep us teachable today. As we come to You, help us to lay down our tendency to see and respond through eyes of pride and stubbornness.  Instead, soften our hearts so we are receptive to Your Word and Your Way.  

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