I keep going back to these words, words that kick off Volume Two of the “The Listening Day” by Paul Pastor. I thoroughly loved Volume One and asked my family for this next book for Christmas. And, surprise…it was under the tree! ūüôā

“With everything you have,
Get understanding.”

I read those words and recognized them immediately as being from the Book of Proverbs, (Proverbs 4:7)

There’s profound peace that accompanies understanding.¬† It goes beyond having all the answers or knowing the answers to all the “whys”.

Understanding: It’s knowing the One with all authority. It’s trusting in His sovereignty and His goodness.

It’s following the breadcrumbs on the path… precious pieces of treasure…and discovering the Bread of Life Himself.

It’s arriving at His well with a bone dry bucket and discovering a fountain of living water so satisfying that we realize that empty was the catalyst that¬†led us to this place of filling...we realize that¬†barren wasn’t in vain, we realize that our Redeemer can use even our empty…to lead us some place beautiful.


A few more random thoughts on my heart.

I think about the father who cried out to Jesus “I do believe! Help my unbelief.”¬† (Mark 9:23-25) He acknowledged his doubt, his less than desirable offering, his mustard seed faith, his empty hands…¬†and our Great Healer picked it up and ran with it!¬†¬†

I think about Thomas (John 20-25-29)¬†the disciple who refused to believe that Jesus had truly resurrected until he saw the proof.¬† We see from this account that doubt doesn’t make someone a hopeless case but instead, it’s often part of the process of a person’s faith journey and faith development.¬† Our small, imperfect faith doesn’t hinder God’s BIG love for us.¬† Jesus will go to incredible lengths to “prove” He is who He says He is.

Jesus gave Thomas the gift of seeing His resurrected body, personally. He met Thomas where he was. He gave him the “proof” he needed.¬† I think Jesus is still in the business of giving our hearts the “proof” they need….if we have eyes and hearts desperately crying out: I do believe…help by unbelief!¬† ¬†¬†


I read these words last night about the prodigal son and love them:

“The prodigal son doesn’t return with a renewed love for his father. He comes back simply to survive. And his father is perfectly fine with that. God just wants us home. #grace¬† –Rick Villodas

Grace, indeed.¬† Jesus doesn’t require our rock solid affection up front.¬† The invitation is to simply “Come…be with ME”¬† It’s in His presence when hearts and lives are transformed!



“I believe in Christ as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”–C. S. Lewis

Thought about a song I hadn’t heard in awhile.¬† Sharing it again here.

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    1. Eileen Post author

      So grateful that our mustard seed offerings are more than enough in the hands of a Big God! Love and miss you Anne!


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