Essential or Accessory

“Here is the truth: If you cannot see yourself, you will never see your need for me. You will only treat me like some nice and extra thing, like some tepid relative who sends fruit at Christmas…” The Listening Day, Volume 2

I love the analogy Paul Pastor uses in the devotional I read this morning. It’s perfect. When we fail to see our need then the gift and the giver become more like non-essential accessories in our lives. It’s nice and we even think briefly….”how thoughtful”…and then we move on.  The fruit gets consumed (or it gets placed out of the way on the kitchen counter, gets forgotten about and eventually goes bad) We toss out the rotten uneaten pieces and then life goes back to the way it was.

Yet, when we see Him as essential, not some nice and extra thing but the present of all presents...then His presence becomes the very air we breathe.  And there’s no living without it. We inhale and exhale the grace and the mercy and the second chances and the gratitude at every moment and every turn. We can’t shut up about it… because the oxygen is everywhere, over all, through all, and in all.  (Ephesians 4:6) .  We tell others about the day this breath showed up in our life, how it changed everything, how it continues to change everything.

This gift is the very foundation for our life and without it we know there is no hope for survival.

We breathe Him in; we breathe Him out.  We pour out our tears of praise at His feet.

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