Finding God In The Dairy Section

I really dislike going to the grocery store. I especially dislike going on my way home from work. This evening I had to stop for a few things. Ugh. I only had 11 items on my grocery list. Two of those items were bananas and strawberries. Two fruits we were completely out of at home. Two fruits my picky six year old will actually eat for lunches and healthy snacks.

Tonight when I stopped at the grocery store it was pouring down rain. Did I mention I don’t like going to the grocery store? I even like it less (if that is possible) when it is pouring down rain. I quickly made my way into the store and pushed my cart over to the produce aisle and saw some apples. Apples. We could use some apples too. I started filling up my bag, and glanced quickly around for the strawberries. No strawberries.

That’s okay.

I’ll just get some bananas. I place my bag of apples in my cart and head to the section where the mountain of bananas are normally kept. What! No bananas? The normal overflowing supply of bananas — completely out of stock. Not even one lonely, brown, mushy one. Sigh. But then I remember. Occasionally, they keep a small supply of bananas in the cereal aisle.

There was still hope I would find some bananas. I briefly pick up a couple other items and make my way to the cereal aisle. I hope there is at least one banana there. I round the corner and spy six bananas. Yippee! They are just the perfect ripeness, so I only take three, knowing my son will not eat them fast enough before they turn brown. I place them in my cart just as another customer rounds the corner and takes the other three bananas off the shelf. Aah, two happy customers!

I look at my list. I still need yogurt and milk. I make my way to the dairy aisle and pick out some yogurt and then continue on down toward the milk. I pass the eggs and happen to glance on the shelf near the juice. What do I see? One completely- out- of -place- container of beautifully red strawberries! Someone must have decided not to purchase them and instead of walking all the way back to the produce section they just placed them here!

I laughed. Thanks, Lord!

I’m sure many people might just consider this good luck, but for some reason tonight, it seemed like more than just good fortune to me. It put a huge smile on my face tonight– right there in the middle of the dairy aisle of Food Lion. Perhaps, God didn’t care whether I left the grocery store with bananas and strawberries tonight. But, the experience did remind me that God does indeed care about little details in our lives–details that we have a tendency to think are just too insignificant for us to bother the Creator of the universe about.

I happen to think He does care about the little things in our lives. Even the hairs on our head are counted. How cool is that!

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