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It’s Friday and time to link up with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday.  Friday is a time when we “write for five minutes not worrying if everything is just right.”  You can join in the fun HERE.

Prompt:  Opportunity

I love when I can pick out a certain theme that the Lord keeps bringing up in my heart and in my life.

I haven’t officially written a blog post yet revealing my One Word for this year but here it is: Inconvenience.  Earlier this week, I wrote about how I felt the Lord nudging me to pray for inconvenience.

Yesterday, I wrote about missing my Christmas tree lights and my irrational (and control freak tendency) fear of the lights on my tree burning out before Christmas Day each year.  This morning, I read this devotional in my Bible reading plan.

Great Light in the Shadow of Death

Jesus started his ministry in Capernaum, an area which came to be to be known as “the region of the shadow of death.”

“He did not commence where people were least likely to need it. Rather, the people who sat in darkness — in the region of the shadow of death — saw the great light.”

Opportunity and need are often inconvenient. We have the opportunity every day to spread light in the most unlikely places. It is my desire this year to see these daily inconveniences from the Lord’s perspective.

Opportunity doesn’t knock…opportunity is found when we choose to open our eyes and look for it. Sometimes we must walk down inconvenient paths to find it. But, the blessings along the way are life changing.

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2 thoughts on “Five Minutes and One Word

  1. Tracy Steel

    Happy 2013 friend. I didn’t know this about Capernaum. I also love “opportunity doesn’t knock, it is found.” Yes! Again you challenge me to go and be like Jesus. Blessings as you follow Jesus down inconvenient paths!


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