Fives Loaves or Fierce Winds–God is Still God


This morning I was reminded how quickly our hearts can go from…”Wow God! Your hand was all over that!”  to  “Yikes God! What’s going on here?”  I had this thought cross my mind as I read through Mark 6.  Immediately after Jesus miraculously feeds five thousand people with five loaves and two fish, his disciples go out on a boat by themselves, Just a short time later, they are in complete shock when they see Jesus walking on the water in front of them. Really, guys? They had just witnessed this same miracle worker do something impossible yet when they see Jesus perform yet another impossibility…they’re all in shock…again.

It’s scenes like this in Scripture that remind me just how normal and human the disciple were. One moment they witness Jesus doing something huge in their life and the next moment they are full of doubts again.  Sound familiar?  It’s almost like they (and we) have to retrain our hearts and brains with each new experience that comes our way.

We easily forget that the God who was on the throne during that trial is the same God who is still on the throne during this one too.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we weren’t so forgetful?  Wouldn’t it be nice if our knee jerk reaction could be.  “Okay, this situation looks impossible…but I’ve watched what Jesus can do with impossible situations…so I will trust and not doubt.  I will not pull away in fear, but draw nearer in faith.”

Today, that’s the choice I want to make.  I want to see impossible situations…not as fearful obstacles in front of me but as opportunities for Jesus to draw me and you closer to Him.

Whether it’s five loaves on dry land or fierce waves in the middle of a windy sea…God is still God.

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