Foot Washing Words

In the book I just finished reading there’s a chapter that talked about the night Jesus knelt down and washed His disciple’s feet. As I read about this account again, I started thinking about the different ways we as humans are wired and how differently each of us may be called to wash feet.

The reason I’m sharing this now is because the Lord seems to be teaching me lately more about what it means to wash feet. Just yesterday, I watched as one of my co-workers got up from the table we were sitting at and briefly leave the room. When he returned, he was carrying a bowl full of water and a towel. He proceeded to wash the feet of one of my co-workers as an expression of deep gratitude.

I think this was my first time ever seeing an actual foot washing. It touched my heart. To see one person freely give and another person freely receive in such unguarded ways. There really is nothing else like it.

Foot washing requires humility, vulnerability and sacrifice…not just from the giver but also from the receiver.
Foot washing requires that we stoop low in order to show honor and love to someone else.
Yes, there’s a risk that the task might get messy.
Yes, there’s a risk that we fumble around a bit or feel completely out of our comfort zones.
Loving others well will always include some level of risk or rejection.

Lord, is it possible to wash someone’s feet with words?

I asked this question a few weeks ago (and I asked it again this morning after thinking more about the foot washing scene I saw yesterday). The answer I keep hearing is…yes.

Our words can wash someone else’s feet.

Will the words we choose to speak (or write) to another person today contain humility, vulnerability, transparency, and self-sacrifice? (No matter how awkward or messy they may feel. No matter how far out of our comfort zones they may take us.)

Words like…

I’m sorry
please forgive me
you’re not alone
me too
you’re going to be ok
let me help you
I was wrong
I appreciate you

The towel you are called to pick up and use to honor another person today might be the words you speak.

Words that refresh and renew. Words that cleanse and restore. Words filled with hope, encouragement, and life.

Bend down, pick up your towel, and begin.

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