for such a time as this

For such a time as this.

Thought of these words this morning. They come from the story of Esther when Mordecai was trying to persuade Esther to speak to the King and convince him to stop the plan that was in place to destroy the Jews. 

This “for such a time as this” idea will often come to mind again in my own life during pivotal moments along the journey. I will think of this idea at the end of one chapter and the start of new ones. I will think of them during times of uncertainty. I will think of them during times of grief. To me, they are a reminder of how we will often find ourselves positioned or planted some place for a very particular reason. Maybe it’s to meet a certain person, maybe it’s to accomplish a certain goal… but in hindsight you can see how it was a crucial point along the journey. 

I’ve noticed throughout the years that the Lord even brings “for such a time as this” people into my life during certain seasons too. I had “for such a time as this” relationships in my life after my mom died. I met “for such a time as this” folks in my life when I moved 2000 miles away from home to a town in North Carolina where I knew no one. Experienced the same thing seven years ago as we picked up our life and moved to Georgia.

This seems to be shaping up to be another “for such a time as this” season for me. Not sure what it all means but I’m grateful for the encounters, experiences, and conversations that seem to have been positioned and placed for a particular “for such a time as this” reason.

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