Fun Forest

My neighbor shared some sad news with me today. My son’s favorite park, Fun Forest, was set on fire by arsonists a couple days ago. It was truly the best park we’ve ever found. The park was surrounded my many shade trees and plenty of picnic tables to sit at to eat lunch after playing hard. The play area had numerous multi-level wooden structures with cool passageways to run through, rope ladders, wooden bridges, and big tires. I think my husband and I enjoyed it almost as much as Sean.

Upon hearing the news I was so angry. Why? Senseless acts like this always just leave me shaking my head in disbelief. I begin thinking about people who are capable of doing this and I can only imagine how much anger a person must have inside them to do something like this. I feel extremely sorry for individuals who receive pleasure from doing destructive things like this. I know that Fun Forest can and most likely will be rebuilt but it still makes me sad.

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