Gardening: Embarrassing Confessions

Last summer, I made this comment to my gardening friend.

“Michelle, when it’s time to plant tomatoes next year, would you please make me do it?”

“Sure,” she replied.

So, about a month ago, during Spring break, she arrived at my house with her two children for a scheduled play date.   She brought along with her a few gifts, a tomato plant, a zucchini plant, and a cucumber plant.

And, holding to our agreement, she forced encouraged me to plant them.

“Now, you’ll need to get a shovel,” she said.

I got a shovel.

“Now dig a hole.”

I dug a hole.

“Now put this tomato plant in the hole.”

I put it in the hole.

“Now push the dirt back around the roots.”

I did.

“Now dig two more holes.”

I did that too.

I now have a confession to make to my readers.  I don’t usually garden.  You might have been able to use your deductive reasoning skills and figure that out already.  But just in case there was any doubt still in your mind.

I have another confession.  I will be 40 years old in September and this is the first time I have ever planted something in the ground that will potentially be edible one day.   And yes, I am embarrassed to admit that to you too.

One of the aspects of gardening that has always turned me off is weeding.  That, and my tendency to forget to water things for several weeks.

However, I am happy to report that it’s been a month and my “garden” is still alive today!   I’ve even remembered to water it couple times. And, last night, I pulled a weed!

Here’s a picture of my tomato plant.  I think I’ll nickname it Mater.
I’ve been told that the little yellow flower growing on it is completely normal too. 😉

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9 thoughts on “Gardening: Embarrassing Confessions

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    Looking good Eileen. I love the yellow tomatoes. Try them next year. 🙂 I used to have a garden until I decided I liked riding my bike more than I liked weeding my garden. There went garden…never to appear again.

  2. Loretta

    Go Eileen with the garden! Your tomato plant looks great! Just wait until you taste the tomato that will come from that little yellow flower…

  3. Debi

    Eileen way to go. I used to love sitting in the garden my grandma had in her back yard. She took such loving care f everything she grew. I tried one year to have a garden, planted weeded and watered. But we moved before we got to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Stick with it and take care of your Mater plants. And when they are ready to eat have one for me.

  4. Arny

    ugh…gardening…i hate it…my wife loves it…but i have to admit…when you see those flowers bloom! oh man…it does bring a smile to your face…

  5. Jenifer

    Yay! You will have tomatoes soon! We LOVE home grown tomatoes. However, I have a very, very brown thumb. Hubby does all the planting around here. 🙂

  6. Anne

    YAY!!!!! Yours is MUCH bigger than mine! I predict that you will be SO floored by the taste of the fruit off this plant that you will be planting TWO tomato plants next year. About the weeding…take some of your used coffee grounds out and spread them at the base of the plant. It makes good fertilizer AND mulch.

  7. Jen

    Oh, Eilleen — when you put that first red, ripe tomato in your mouth, you will want to plant 8 tomato plants next year.

    So excited to garden with you!!

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