Georgia on the mind

…and vacation begins NOW! The bags are packed and we are about ready to head south for a week to visit my husband’s family in Georgia. We are so looking forward to it. I’m even looking forward to the 11 hour car ride. Not the 11 hour part… but the car ride part. I love traveling and taking in different scenery.

We make this journey atleast once a year. One of my favorite things I remember my husband saying as we pulled out of our driveway to begin one these marthon trips was, “Okay, let’s just commit to one another right now that we will still be married when we get there.” That was the first year we decided to stuff our two dogs and our then toddler son into the back seat of the car. Did I mention the trip is 11 hours?
This year we are down to just one dog (our other dog Idaho passed away last January) and our son is now old enough to entertain himself for a large chunk of the drive. The trip will seem different this year…we are missing a dog. Perhaps, I can convince my husband to pick up any stray dogs we might pass on the way down.

I’m sure my in-laws wouldn’t mind. 😉

I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them. ~Mark Twain

2 thoughts on “Georgia on the mind

  1. Fields of gold

    Hope y'all have a great trip and the time flies by (but not so fast you don't have time to enjoy it!)

    My family used to drive from NC to Maine…24 hours. Most times we'd do it in one haul. I'm happy to say we're all still talking to each other 🙂

    Merry Christmas (a lil' early!)



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