Grace and Salt

Yesterday I was talking to a coworker about a certain “somewhat out of the ordinary task” that recently came up and had to get done.

The task got done but could it have gotten done more efficiently if a better go-to system had already been in place?

In hindsight our answer was easy…yes.  Now comes the challenging part…figuring out what that better system is and then communicating that better system to others.

What I loved about yesterday’s conversation was the ease in which it happened. It was just two people acknowledging a problem and basically saying..

Yes, that was messy. Let’s use this as a learning experience and let’s get a plan in place so that we can hopefully do this task better next time.  

As I was thinking more about this conversation it reminded me how the journey through life (at least my life) and navigating the ups and downs seems to resemble that statement.

Unexpected curve
Life gets messy, inconvenient, or painful
We acknowledge the mess, inconvenience, or pain
We (hopefully) make the choice to learn from the mess, inconvenience, or pain
We implement changes wherever improvement or healing is needed (we make the tough choices, we take the awkward next step in a new direction, we have the hard conversation)
We are (hopefully) better prepared for the next curve

As I thought more about this conversation yesterday the one word that came to mind was “graceful”.

Grace doesn’t fixate, or wallow on the problem, it transcends the problem and looks and moves toward the solution.

I then thought of this verse from Colossians, “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

I’m thankful to work side by side folks who show me, everyday, what grace and salt conversations look and feel like.

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