I was finally able to convince my six year old son tonight to take his training wheels off his bicycle. I think one of the reasons he has not wanted to ride his bike for the past few months is because he is quickly outgrowing it. On numerous occasions, my husband and I have suggested we take the training wheels off and our son has always been against the idea.

Tonight as he and I took a walk around the block, I again suggested we take them off. “You are getting too big to have training wheels, Honey. Once you learn to ride without them you will be able to ride a “bigger” boy bike.

To my amazement, he agreed!

Not wanting to miss my opportunity, I quickly found the right tool in the garage and off they came. We spent the next 20 minutes riding up the street. I promised him I would NOT let go unless he wanted me to.

“You want me to let go?”



One step at a time.

After the first ride without training wheels, we decided to pull the toy box out of the garage-the one holding all the summer toys. Sean found some bubbles to blow and we took turns blowing bubbles,chasing bubbles,karate chopping bubbles, catching bubbles, and popping bubbles.

I hope neither of us ever become too big for bubbles.

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