Her Hope Gives Me Hope

For the last three years I’ve been volunteering for the local human trafficking awareness organization Second Life Chattanooga. Yesterday morning, I attended their annual awareness event Unite. Wear White for the third year.

A survivor joined us from the Atlanta based organization, City of Refuge, to share her journey. Early on in her talk, Brittany said something that stuck with me.

“I am a survivor of sex trafficking… but I know that God has had His hand on my life since the day I was born.” – Brittany

Several times throughout her talk Brittany mentioned how she couldn’t have gotten through what she went through without God. She also mentioned how this painful journey has made her stronger.

Yesterday, I was reminded of why I am captivated by stories of humans who have been to hell and back. There’s often this common theme woven through these stories that resonates deeply with me.  There is a way out. Good does triumph over evil. Things intended to harm us or destroy us, God can transform and show us, again and again, how hope, victory, and redemption does have the final say.

I saw something in Brittany yesterday:  I saw a heart filled with gratitude and hope, despite all the horrific and painful chapters.

Her hope gives me hope.

“This issue will never end until we all stand together and fight it.” – Brittany

“I want victims to come home and be survivors. With your help, that can happen.” —Brittany

I couldn’t agree more.

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