Hi, I’m (insert your name) and I’m a human…

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Remember when you were younger and you’d look at people who were older and think, “it will be nice when I’m that age, because then I’ll have life figured out.”   (Surely, I can’t be the only one who used to look at the older and wiser folks and have this thought.)

Today, I laugh and shake my head at this misconception I used to hold about the people who were a little further down the road than me.  It’s so not true. These folks didn’t have it all figured out.  And, if you think they did/do then here might be a couple of reasons why:

1. You haven’t taken the time to really get to know the person who “has it all together.”

2. They’re putting on an Oscar winning acting performance in hopes that you will think they have it all together.

At this season in my life, my 40s, I appreciate the fact that I now understand how all of us are works in progress.  Nobody has arrived.  Nobody has all the right answers.  Nobody has conquered all their fears and insecurities. Life is a journey of learning, growing, risking, falling down, getting back up, learning, growing, and moving forward again.

No one has the luxury of walking through life by-passing the parts that make life…life. There is no freeway signs that safely guide us around the messy parts of life.  The learning and growing (as challenging as it is sometimes) is the only way to make progress in life. Learning, growing, falling down and getting back up is the only route that brings us to where we need to be.  And this is true for everybody. Other than the fact that we all only have a limited amount of time on this earth, this is the one thing in life we all have in common. 

Hopefully, I don’t sound like a broken record when I say this again (and hopefully I don’t sound incredibly old because I used the phrase broken record) but I love walking through life with people who understand this. Our flaws and imperfections are what bring us together. It’s the common thread woven through all of us.

I don’t ever want to go back to the time in my life when I thought I needed to keep my flaws and my fears hidden away in order to be loved or accepted.  It was an exhausting, prison-like way to go through life.  And, I certainly didn’t make any progress venturing down the road by living that way.  Hiding and pretending will never lead to growth.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been encouraged and comforted by folks who willingly admit their weaknesses and struggles.  There’s a strange beauty about it that brings a sense of joy to my heart…not because they struggle…but because they are human just like me.

Are you human?

Have you found other humans?

PS:  A song.  Cause it’s Friday and I felt like posting a song.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Hi, I’m (insert your name) and I’m a human…

  1. floyd

    I truly respect and appreciate your honesty and humility, Eileen. Now I’m sounding like a broken record! Honest words from the heart is what touched the hearts of others. That’s how you know true wisdom from Above…


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