Hoarders: Minecraft Edition

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My son has recently gotten into Minecraft.  He designs and builds these massive houses and then “walks” me through them.  One of my favorite parts of his inventions are all the colorful books. He builds bookshelves and puts them everywhere in his made up house.

“Wow, Sean.” I said to him during one of my virtual walk-throughs.  “You have a lot of books in your house. You’re a virtual book hoarder!”

My son is not a hoarder.  He just plays one on Minecraft.   That sounds like a commercial, doesn’t it?

Oh…I think I just came up with a spinoff to a show.  Hoarders: Minecraft Edition

His houses are not lacking in beds either.  Let’s just say there are plenty of places to prop your head up on a couple of pillows while reading one of your many books.

I love my son’s response when I mentioned the plentiful supply of books and beds in his Minecraft world.

“Well, it’s kind of what makes a house a house.” 

I like that.

I was thinking about this last night and it occurred to me that there is a lot of truth in that statement.  So often when we are away from our house for an extended time one of the things we say is, “I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed again.”  We like getting back to the familiarity of our own house.  We like seeing our favorite books sitting on that one bookshelf over in that one corner.

Beds are a place where we can rest and recharge.

Books fill us with knowledge and some books can even take us along on a journey to a far off land. We visit new places without even leaving our familiar.

A house:   A place where you are surrounded by the familiar. A place to rest.  A place to learn.  A place where you can pour yourself another cup of coffee, grab a book off that familiar shelf, and recline on your bed for a bit on a cold winter day.

What makes a house a house?   What familiar things do you associate with being at home?

9 thoughts on “Hoarders: Minecraft Edition

  1. Anne

    Waking up and smelling the sugar cookies that baked last night.
    Sitting at the computer, looking out the window at a cardinal at the bird feeder, having his breakfast “gnosh” while raindrops are rolling off his back.

  2. Bill (cycelguy)

    If looking for “things” mine is home by my ManCave with its recliner. My bike on a trainer because it is winter. The Bowflex ready to be used. The thing that really makes it a home is the love there and the laughter that rings through the halls and bounces off the walls.

  3. Caroline

    Hah! Yes! Books definitely. I’d much rather get rid of excess clothes than “excess” books. I say, yes, the books help make a house…and awesome bookshelves to hold those books. Anything wrong with wall-to-wall bookshelves?
    Of course, there’s more…namely family, but books are soon after on the list. 😉


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