Holding On and Letting Go

Bridge at Shinsen-en Sacred Spring Garden
Nowadays, it’s the little things in life that seem to shake my faith.

When a big life changing earthquake hits, my knee jerk reaction tends to be to run to the Lord. (It didn’t used to be that way.) In my mind, there is no other choice.

I’ve been the recipient of His incredible grace. In the midst of chaos and tragedy, I’ve watched His love shatter the darkness. I’ve felt His peace that surpasses all understanding.

I am forever grateful.

He’s been able to take my broken and hopeless situation and put the pieces back together. He’s proven to me that He can do anything. When all hell breaks loose, I trust Him. I’ve been in the middle of hell before. And, God is bigger.

So why is it the little things in life that seem to cause the shaky steps of faith?

We struggle because we know we have a choice. We can choose to keep holding on.

There’s more length left in our rope.
The ship isn’t sinking, the ride only makes us nauseous.
The pit is deep, but we see a way out.


We cling to the lifeline.
We grip tightly to the side of the boat.
We dig our nails into the walls of the pit and begin to climb.

Yet, I’ve noticed, there’s a weird kind of beauty that can only be found when we make the courageous choice to let go and trust.

That’s when He catches us.

That’s when He saves.

That’s when He stoops down to make us great.  (Psalm 18:35b)

The beauty of surrender can’t be matched. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could relocate its unexplainable beauty to the mountaintop?

But, we can’t. It can only be found down low.

When the weight of this world pushes down, it is His hand of mercy that brings us up.


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