Holding Out For Flying Deer

Well, it happened, my 8-year-old son now knows the truth.  There is no Easter Bunny and there is no Santa Claus.

Around Christmastime this past year, he informed me that he was 95% sure there was a Santa Claus but he thought there was a 5% chance that he didn’t exist. Somehow, in just four little months, his strong belief in the jolly fat man took a significant nose dive and on Easter Eve, after some pressing questions and doubts, my husband and I came clean.  It was time.

Over the years, we never made too big a deal out of these two characters,  I didn’t want them to overshadow the real reason we celebrate.  However, I enjoyed believing in their existence when I was child and taking into consideration my son’s vivid imagination, I know he enjoyed it too.

Yesterday, the subject of these fictitious holiday helpers came up again and I had the chance to ask my son if he was a little disappointed that Santa and his flying reindeer weren’t real.

“Yeah, a little.” he said.

“I know,” I agreed.  “I think it would be cool if reindeer really could fly.  Hey…maybe in Heaven the deer will be able to fly!”

“Yeah,” my son said.  “And when I get there, I could take a ride on one!”

A boy and his mom can dream, can’t we?

I’ll be standing in line behind my son for this Heavenly ride.   Anyone care to join us?



4 thoughts on “Holding Out For Flying Deer

  1. Arny

    We told Emily from the very beginning there was no santa or easter bunny…but since she started school…(in kinder now and just tested and passed for GT (gifted and talented) …she says she is knows they don’t exist but she is gonna pretend to believe cause her friends believe in santa…lol


    oh and we did get a little speech from her pre-k teacher saying Emily was telling a boy that santa didn’t exist last year…

    dats my girl..lol…

    1. Eileen Post author

      Smart little girl, Arny! Yeah, I told Sean it’s probably best not to try convincing all his little friends that he’s a fake…let it be up to them and their parents. They are bound to discover the truth soon.


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