How Spaghetti Helps Me Make Decisions

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“God’s main purpose for you is not what you do, but who you become.” ~ Pete Wilson

Last week, I heard this great reminder from Pete Wilson. You can watch the short clip here.

Since moving to Georgia, I feel as if my heart has been asking the question he mentions quite a bit…

God, what do you want me to do?

Over the last decade or so, the answers to the what I should do questions in my own life have only come as I live life and make choices.

This morning, I thought back on how this played out when I relocated to North Carolina years ago.  I had no idea where God wanted me to be or how God wanted to use me. The only thing I knew for sure was that He wanted these three things from me and for me:

my heart to be willing to change
my heart to be willing to be used
my heart to be willing to go

A willing heart

Willingness was the key to everything.
Willingness was when miracles started happening in my life.
Willingness was when incredible doors started to open.

I’ve noticed over the years that the most effective approach to figuring out where I should be or what I should do always occurred when I utilized the highly sophisticated “throwing spaghetti against the wall” technique.

I still smile anytime I think back on my approach to getting involved in a small group for the very first time when I moved to NC. Small groups were a new concept to me.  As a recently divorced woman with no kids, I was trying to figure out which group might be the best fit for me.  This was when I began to throw strands of spaghetti against the wall of my life.  For a couple of months I was an official member of not one but three different small groups.

One gentleman at church even nicknamed me “the small group junkie.” But, I’ll tell you what, it worked! One of the pieces of spaghetti I threw hit the wall, took off its shoes,  and made itself at home!  I knew where I was supposed to be. It was trial and error that led me there, not a billboard from God telling me to go this way or that way.

In that process, I learned that growth and the answers we seek happen as we make choices and decisions, when we say,  God, I’m stepping out now. I’m going.  But, I’m trusting You to either lead me further down this path, to put up a U-Turn sign if I’m going the wrong way, or to pick me up because I fell down and seriously scraped up my knee. 

As I thought more about the initial quote from Pete Wilson, what we do is not as important as who we become, another question came to mind…

Do the decisions we make prompt us to lean more on Him or less on Him?

Today, I realize that this is what God is more concerned about in my life.  Am I leaning and depending more on Him?  Is my grip on His hand becoming firmer as I journey along?

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