“if i’m not authentic, i’m dying inside”

“i’m authentic not because it’s in style, but because it’s part of my own healing. if i’m not authentic, i’m dying inside.”- Mike Foster

My mind keeps going back to this quote Mike Foster tweeted out a few days ago. I love it. The message resonates with my soul, especially the last part “if i’m not authentic, i’m dying inside.”  For the record, when I retyped his words this morning I was tempted to correct all his “i’m”s to “I’m” because the spelling/grammar nazi still living inside me was cringing, but then I resisted the urge. I thought it best to leave the quote in its authentic form. 😉

After allowing these words to roll around in my heart for a couple of days, I responded. “Gosh, this is so true. Spent a decade of my life decaying. Never again.”

I think this “fear” I have of never again wanting to feel like I’m slowly dying is a healthy fear.  Once life begins to take root again in those desolate/decaying places in your heart, you will do everything in your power to make sure you find ways to get those places all the water and sunshine necessary to insure they keep growing and thriving.

When you experience, firsthand, the power and the freedom of the light and the living water, you never ever want to go back to hiding away in the dark. The dark smothers you in shame and tries to convince you that it’s safer in the shadows. The light invites you to stretch out in a spacious place and breathe. That’s the beauty of grace.

Just one sweet taste of freedom… and you know this is the home your soul has been searching for all its life.

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