In Search of Beauty

Today, I am thrilled to be guest posting for Bill Blankschaen on his blog Faith Walkers at Patheos. I would love for you join me there today!

“As artists and humans, we have to learn to color inside the line that is imperfect, messy or even a mistake. Nothing in your life will ever be just right. There will always be pressures and conflicts, making errant smudges and splatters on your life. Living a “good” life is not about living a “perfect” life.” ~Matt Appling

I recently read this statement in Matt Appling’s new book Life After Art. It accurately describes my journey as a human and as an artist.

As far back as I can remember, I struggled with perfectionism. I still recall the story my mom shared with me after a meeting with my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Esquiebel, to discuss my progress…


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