In Search of More Bagpipes… the last several days I’ve had that feeling I needed to write about a specific scene from this past weekend. I’ve been reluctant to sit down and actually do it though because I haven’t really figured out my reasoning for wanting to share it.

But here goes…

I participated in my first trail run last Saturday. My husband and I traveled down to Atlanta to meet a good friend who had signed up to run it too. The most memorable moment of the entire nine mile run (and the one I keep thinking about) was the moment around the 4th or 5th mile when I rounded a corner and saw/heard a bagpipe player standing all alone in an open field. He was even wearing the traditional Scottish garb. It was a beautiful sight along my running path. It came out of the blue.

In a weird way it sort of reminded me of those flash mobs in the mall. But, of course, I couldn’t really place this lone bagpipe player in the mob category. I guess what I loved about it most was the unexpected joy that followed as I ran along and took in the sight and the sound. It stirred something inside of me, something that wouldn’t have been stirred had I not been on that run.

I didn’t know why I felt the need to share this moment with you until I typed those last paragraphs. Then the reason occurred to me. I now know the answer.

It symbolizes what my heart knows so well about the importance of journey. Incredible joy and beauty are discovered along the way. It’s unlikely we can fully grasp what beauty will be waiting on the path ahead of us unless we choose to go. This is true about life. This is true about writing. The beauty of it all is the unexpected gift we discover waiting around the corner…like a lone bagpipe player suddenly appearing in an open field.

After the race, my husband and I went to lunch with our running buddy and his wife. A few other folks from the race who joined us for lunch were members of our friend’s local running group. One of the ladies in the group shared with us that this 9 mile race was the furthest distance she had ever run. The rest of her group congratulated her and explained to us that she had completed what they have nicknamed her “Shire Run”. They call it that because of the scene from Lord of the Rings when Sam ventures out of the Shire for the very time.

I love that scene of Sam and Frodo choosing to go on a journey together. They had no way of knowing just how long and difficult it would be. They also had no way of knowing just how rewarding the journey would turn out to be too.

What journey are you reluctant to take today?   

Let me encourage you to turn the corner and continue running up the path.  You never know, there just might be another bagpipe player waiting to share some beauty with you too.

12 thoughts on “In Search of More Bagpipes…

  1. Jon Stolpe

    I’ve been reluctant to continue down the book writing path. Some of it is related to the general busy state of my life – a decent excuse for sure. But part of my reluctance is based on fear of the unknown. Do I have the energy and time to invest in a real book project? Am I willing to pay the price? These are questions I must face and overcome in order to take the next step away from the Shire.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Jon, I completely understand that fear. So often for me I hesitate to step out because the target seems so unclear. I forget that it’s often the act of stepping out that makes the target come more into focus.

  2. Bill (cycelguy)

    I love the implications of that scene also Eileen. Never been beyond but i am going now. That should be the story of life as a Christ-follower. I can’t really say there is any journey I am afraid of taking at this point.

  3. LarryTheDeuce

    My daughter’s boyfriend’s dad plays bagpipes. And I keep fearing making changes to my blog. Sounds silly. I think it has to do with “turning pro.” I’m scared of that.

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