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When my son was a baby, he would entertain himself for several minutes at a time simply by staring intently at his hand. He would move and twirl it in all different directions. He would extend his fingers and then curl them back up.  Everything about his hand seemed to fascinate him.

When do we lose that?  When do our hands just become hands?

Part of the reason for going into the beautiful every week is a desire for us to pause long enough to remember those huge little miracles we often take for granted. Life gets hectic and we forget to remember. Yesterday, as I was thinking about this post, I watched this book trailer from Ann Voskamp again. If this doesn’t shift your heart into beautiful mode, I’m not sure what will! Many of you have probably seen it before but I encourage you to watch it again

I want the eyes of my heart to be wide open and ready to receive today. I want to remember that even these hands that type these posts each week are a complete miracle…a gift.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Grab the button and link up something beautiful!

The Scenic Route

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8 thoughts on “Into the Beautiful Link-Up ~ Wonder

  1. Joan

    His blessings come everyday! I’m learning to appreciate them all and look for them in the little things.

    I learned of your blog through Shelly at Redemptions beauty and I am linking up for the first time today.


  2. Shelly Miller

    I’ve been thinking about the hands just being hands and it just goes with a whole train of thinking I’m on lately. I couldn’t remember if I actually left a comment so I came back. Thanks for the link up Eileen and for all your encouragement. Inspired by your generosity.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Thanks, Shelly. I love how things tie together like this. Today I wrote a post for next week on a specific topic and then immediately afterwards I read a post by a friend on the same topic! This happens so often. The same things on my heart will be seen through out my day.


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