It Bothered Me NOT

As many of you know, last summer my husband and I made the decision to cancel our cable TV.   We only watched a couple of shows on a regular basis so we made the choice to turn it off and rely on the internet or Netflix for those times when we felt like watching something. Our son has adjusted well to the decision and hasn’t complained for months about not having cable.  That’s a win.

He and I recently discovered the show I Shouldn’t Be Alive on Netflix. We have become addicts enthusiastic fans.  We are both mesmerized by these incredible stories of perseverance in the midst of the most hopeless situations.

The recurring themes in this show have fascinated me for years.

Lost to found
Trapped to free
Stranded to rescue
Feelings of certain death to feelings of certain life
pure elation knowing you are going to survive

At the end of each episode, I look forward to hearing each survivor summarize their experience. In one way or another, most of them will tell of how the ordeal made them stronger or how it opened their eyes in someway to the gift and the beauty of life. Most of them said they were grateful to be given a second chance.

One man who lost the bottom half of one of his legs after it was crushed under a 2500 lb  boat mast was asked if it bothered him to wake up in the hospital and discover it was gone.  His response,”it bothered me not...I look at life through a new lens now.”

Tragedy… if it doesn’t kill you, if it doesn’t defeat you…will open your eyes and give you a whole new perspective on life.

When pain is redeemed, when second chances are realized, when light penetrates utter darkness… I can’t think of anything more beautiful.

Question:  How has a trial in your life given you new eyes? 


8 thoughts on “It Bothered Me NOT

  1. Arny

    “When pain is redeemed, when second chances are realized, when light penetrates utter darkness… I can’t think of anything more beautiful.”

    such a great line Eileen…

    Don’t take people you love for granted…say what you feel. don’t hold back…(this is what i’ve learned from my Dad having a stroke a few months ago)

    I heard a lot of people have cut cable and stuck with netflix unlimited…hmmm…interesting.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Thanks, Arny. How is your dad doing? My dad had a stroke last May. It paralyzed his left side and he is still bedridden. Doctors don’t expect him to improve anymore. Yes, so very important not to take them for granted. Things can change so quickly.

      1. Arny

        My Dad had it October 1st…he was in hospital for 2 and half months…did 3 weeks of Therapy and went home on Dec. 13… he turned 59 on oct. 14th… His left side was effected his left side too!…they said he was gonna be bedridden…but we are able to Transfer him him from bed to wheel chair to recliner and so on… We really believe he will walk again…looks like he is getting stonger everyday…my dad was a very active man up to the day of his stroke..worked in concrete… he has not gone back to therepy but we are trying to get him back for more…we also started using electro shocks on his dead arm and leg…seems to be working…on his leg…(they had to take out pieces of dead brain on my dad cause the swelling would just not stop…part of the dead brain was his left arm…and just alittle of his leg)…

        He has been taking it pretty well…there are moments where he looses it and crys…(never seen my dad cry…wrote about this on my blog) he says he didn’t want this for us . (for us to take care of him…take him baths, feed him…and so on)…my mom does most of work but we are right there beside her…especially my sister and brother…they are single…me…i’m have a family so makes it alittle harder to be there all the time…but i go every change I get (they live 10 minutes away)…but it’s been good so far…Praise God…
        I’lll be praying for your DAD too!!! Docs said my dad would be bedridden but he does well on that wheel chair…God is always good…and is in control…

        1. Eileen Post author

          Thank you, Arny. I’ll be praying for your Dad as well. It’s so great that your dad has so much support around him.
          I wish they could have done the electrical shock on my dad. He has a pacemaker so they aren’t able to. I think that slowed down his recovery.

  2. Laurie Wallin (@mylivingpower)

    Has tragedy opened my eyes? The most recent answer is yet… someone else’s tragedy. My daughter’s struggle to attach to other people after foster care. I hit a wall in December about the effort it takes to help her heal. Then read The Shack, and a combo of my girl’s tragedies and the main character’s tragedy in the book somehow opened my eyes to the way God longs to relate with us every moment. Hard to explain, but it’s changing how I see all my kids, and bringing peace that’s not been there in a long while. So amazing how God can use anti-peace to bring us peace….

    1. Eileen Post author

      Wow, thank you for sharing this, Laurie. I read The Shack…very powerful story. What a beautiful takeaway. And yes, somehow He transforms it and brings peace in the middle of chaos.

  3. David Rupert

    That is really a great series. I have watched every one of them and I agree — mesmerizing. I love how they integrate the psychological and physiological aspects of each disaster. How do peopel react when things go belly up?

    There’s really a great book by Laurence Gonzales: Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why

    You takes these survivor stories and probes into the why. And it’s amazing how much we can draw for our own “survival” in life.


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