Jeff Goins: Wrecked Writer & Coffee Drinker

Well folks, the wait is over.  WRECKED, the inspiring new book from Jeff Goins is now available for purchase!  You can purchase this book right now by clicking right HERE. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit if you clicked over there and bought a copy at this time.   Go ahead…I”ll wait for you…

You back?

Okay, good!

I recently had the opportunity to ask Jeff a few get to know you questions.

Do you drink coffee? And, if yes, how do you take it?

Jeff: Yes, of course. I’m human, aren’t I? 😉  I’d take in an IV if I could, but usually I grind my beans fresh every morning and brew it with a French press.

Other than coffee, what other things should my readers know about you?

Jeff: I love writing and art and all forms of creative expression. I really think artists have a unique perspective on the world and see things others don’t. I also think we all have the opportunity to create art — whether you’re a plumber or a painter, an entrepreneur or an engineer.

I’m originally from Chicago, but live in Tennessee (chased a girl here). We just had our first child and are trying to survive on a few hours of sleep per night. It’s a new season of grace and finding strength in unexpected places.

I also work for a nonprofit organization and have a dog named Lyric.

What inspired you to write WRECKED?

Jeff: The people whose stories I tell. A few years ago, I was asked to start telling missionaries’ stories (for my day job). I created an online magazine (with the help of others) and built an audience around these stories. But when I shared these with friends and neighbors and people at my church, I realized a lot more people had stories like these.

So I started asking around and discovering that most people have some instance in their life in which they’ve been made uncomfortable and grown through the experience. I suspected something deeper was at work there, and this book is an exploration of that idea.

What do you want this book to accomplish?

Jeff: My hope is that it will force you to make a choice. To do something different. If you’re used to chasing thrills, I hope it calls you to commit. If you’re scared of taking a risk, I hope it causes you to step outside of your comfort zone. The point is change, to do something different that causes you to grow.

Where can people find WRECKED and how should they go about purchasing a copy?

Jeff: Anywhere, really. It should be available at your favorite local or online bookseller. The book comes out Aug. 1, and if people buy it the week it comes out (between Aug 1- Aug 4), I’ll send them over $158 worth of free resources. You can find out more at

Thanks so much for your time, Jeff.  I hope many people will purchase a copy this week and choose to get WRECKED.




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    1. Eileen Post author

      Ha! Now that song will be in my head,, Larry. Well, I do what I can to get the word out there. This book is a good one and I hope everyone will pick up a copy this week!


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