Keep Blowing Us Away, Lord

“Lord, help us be sensitive to Your spirit, help us to see with Your eyes, position us where You want us to be.”

This is the prayer I pray most every Sunday morning in Volunteer Headquarters.  For the past three years, one my jobs at church is to help lead our host team. On a side note, I find it slightly ironic that the Lord has brought me to a position of leadership within an organization. (Even though I know God has a crazy track record of taking highly unqualified people and inviting them into His story.)  I’ve taken the DISC Assessment Test and it might as well be named ISC in my case. I have very little “D”. I can definitely relate to the folks in the Bible who were somewhat baffled by God’s leadership choices.
David’s father was like…surely it’s not David, the baby of the family, he’s out singing to the sheep.
Moses was like…umm, who am I Lord?
Ananias was like…you want me to go see Saul…that guy who wants to arrest and kill us?

Even though I am still (and will always be) in learning mode when it comes to how to lead a team effectively, there is one lesson the Lord seems to teach me on a regular, ongoing basis: you all can’t do this without Me…or since we are in Georgia (and God meets us where we are) maybe it’s y’all can’t do this without Me, bless your hearts!  🙂

I am reminded, all the time, as I struggle through personal insecurities of not being a “good enough, smart enough” leader that when I acknowledge and confess my lack to an all sufficient God, something beautiful happens…every. single. time.

Eileen…you are not enough…but I AM.
Eileen…the team you lead is not enough…but I AM.

I’ve seen the Lord work and move in our midst despite our (my) lacks, our (my) gaps, and our (my) insufficiencies…and every time He does, He blows me away and reminds me that all He truly requires from us (me) is a willing and receptive Spirit.

The sacrifice pleasing to God is a broken spirit.
God, You will not despise a broken and humbled heart. Psalm 51:17

Thank you, Lord.

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