Last Drink Reflections


I become more reflective this time of year.  It was Thanksgiving Day 14 years ago when I took my last drink of alcohol. Earlier this week, I wrote a blog post sharing how, because of this decision, the day after Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite days of the year.

Over the years, I can’t tell you how many blog posts I’ve written that, in some shape or form, all circle back to this one moment in time.  So many lessons came out of this season. Besides the loss of my mom, it was the hardest and, in my many ways, the most painful season of my life…tug of war matches with the God of the universe usually are.

I feel compelled to write this tonight because I want to offer hope to any one who might be experiencing the kind of season I was in 14 years ago.  God might very well be asking you to trust Him with all your heart and fear keeps telling you all the reasons why you shouldn’t.

I’ve been there. 

But here’s the truth. Fear is a liar.  Fear makes excuses.  Fear justifies and rationalizes in order to remain “safe” and in “control”.

What if Thanksgiving Day 2015 you made different decision?  What if, today,  you chose to believe with all your heart, that your Savior really is bigger and stronger than any mountain in front of you, any chain that binds you, or any pit that holds you?

And, what if you also chose to believe that beyond the chain, pit, or mountain there was more peace, joy, and hope than you ever thought possible?

I’ve been there too. 



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