Lessons From a Wounded Finger

Yesterday while I was at work, I hurt my finger. I don’t know how I did it. I just remember realizing that my ring finger on my right hand was throbbing. I was too busy helping the clients who were coming in and out of the office to even look at my finger. I just kept working. It wasn’t until later on in the day, several hours later when the office slowed down, that I happened to glance at the palm side of my finger. It was purple. It startled me. I had experienced pain but had no idea of its depth.

This episode reminded me of the pains and hurts that we sometimes experience in life. How often do we go through our day in pain and yet we choose not to address the issue? We’re too preoccupied trying to juggle all the other plates and we ignore it. Or, we’re too bent on keeping a stiff upper lip, our pride tells us we should continue the facade that everything is okay.  Yet, on the inside, we are throbbing.  I think it would startle us to see how many people in our lives are walking around hurting and wounded…casualties of life.

Eventually, something (hopefully) will finally force us to stop and take notice of the pain. What we often discover is a bruised life full of resentments and bitterness.

One of the valuable tools I learned years ago in recovery was that you don’t hold on to resentments. You honestly address them as quickly as possible. You acknowledge the pain and you ask the Healer to help you walk through it. You take an inventory, you make amends, you communicate the hurt and you try to resolve it.

My hurt finger was a good reminder to me that if we deal with hurts in our lives on a regular basis than they are less likely to shock us or overwhelm us down the road.  Sometimes there is nothing we could have done to prevent the hurt but we can choose how we react to it.

What about you?  Are there any throbbing pains in your life that need addressing?

Make the decision to take it to the Healer.

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6 thoughts on “Lessons From a Wounded Finger

  1. kelli

    Yep dealing with our pain and allowing God to mend our hearts is the best way! So often we try doing it on our own and it never seems to subside. Only God can bandage those wounds:)

  2. jennimar144

    Eileen, you have hit the nail (not the finger) on the head. This is exactly what God has been working this in me for the past few years. It’s not shameful to admit what’s hurting in your heart. It is so tempting to put on a front, thinking it’s Christ, when Christ was never dishonest. One way I know it is better to address the pain: you meet much resistance when you try to talk wounds with another person. Even when you are doing it in love for the sake of honesty and health, they don’t want to hear it. Nevertheless, we still have to forgive and ask God to heal our hearts. Christ will wipe those records clean b/c that’s what Love does. :o)

  3. Shari Miller

    I couldn’t agree more with what you said. I often see people walking around with smiles on their faces and I wonder whats really going on behind the smile. What hurts are hidden that they don’t want anyone to see. It’s so important to take care of the “wounded fingers” before they end up engulfing who we are. By the way I love Kari Job, this is one of my favortie songs. Thank you for linking up!



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